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L'homme sur les quais (1993)

Early 1960s Haiti during 'Papa Doc' Duvalier's dictatorship seen through the eyes of a young girl whose family has suffered heavily.

The movie L'homme sur les quais, released in 1993, features 7 songs from artists like Aux Callebasses, Orchestre Septentrional, Fanfare militaire de Port-au-Prince and Rodolphe Legros. What is your favorite song from L'homme sur les quais?


Songs from L'homme sur les quais

Bat?m rat
Aux Callebasses
Duvalier ? vie
Orchestre Septentrional
Gu?d? Zaina
C?lia Cruz
Marche 1804
Fanfare militaire de Port-au-Prince
Twa fey tomb?
Rodolphe Legros
La vi vi? neg
Duvalier, Pr?sident ? vie
Ensemble de Weber Sicot

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