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Cocalero (2007)

A documentary centered on the union formed by Bolivian farmers in response to their government's (which was urged by the U.S.) effort eradicate coca crops, and the man who would come to represent them, Evo Morales.

The movie Cocalero, released in 2007, features 10 songs from artists like Hermanos Camara, A.A.D.D. Sobodaycom, Kalamarka and Zenon Mamani Lazaro. What is your favorite song from Cocalero?


Songs from Cocalero

Ave Maria
Somos mas
Hermanos Camara
Suris sicuris
A.A.D.D. Sobodaycom
Para el mas
Conciencia popular
A.A.D.D. Sobodaycom
A.A.D.D. Sobodaycom
Obra sin nombre (El mas)
A.A.D.D. Sobodaycom
Cholita Marina
Zenon Mamani Lazaro
El cholero (remix)
Todavia cantamos
Victor Heredia

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