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Xi you xiang mo pian (2013)

In a world plagued by demons who cause great human suffering, young demon hunter Xuan Zang risks his all to conquer a water demon, a pig demon and the demon of all demons, Sun Wukong.

The movie Xi you xiang mo pian, released in 2013, features 9 songs from artists like Qi Shu. What is your favorite song from Xi you xiang mo pian?


Songs from Xi you xiang mo pian

Love In A Life Time
Qi Shu
Opening Theme of Da Hua Xi You II
9PM from 'After Hours'
Dagger Society Suite (Overture)
Darling General (aka Chuang Jiang Ling)
Fishermen's Song of the East Sea
G Men 75
Jyudo Icchokusen BMG
Can Meng

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